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A late walker

A late walking kid
A late walker!
  •  Ur baby does not walk up till now?
  •  She is so big now, she does not stand on her own yet?
  •   Massage her legs daily, her legs are not strong enough to walk.
  •  Oh she is so weak, that’s why she can not walk.
  •  Go show her to doctor and get her treated, may be she has some orthopaedic problem.
These are the things I was so used to hear from everyone around. Why? Because my baby had completed 16 months and she still walked with support. But no, she is alright because she walks on her own on bed or bedding. She was just scared to walk on the ground , as she had fear of falling and hurting herself. (Every baby loves his/her life the most)
I used to feel bad earlier, because no mum can hear anything bad about her child. Then later I realised, when I know she is alright why should I bother? Then i made up my mind to turn DEAF EARS to all those who say negative and let it go.
Then, when did my baby started walking?
My baby walked finally on her 17th month birthday. Yes she walked after completing 17 months. Babies usually start to  walk around 9-10 months. My baby took double the time. Being a mother, i was over caring when it comes to her. Consulted two doctors for why she didn’t walk, is there any orthopaedic problem, are her muscles strong enough, will she ever walk and many other negative things surrounded my mind all these past months.
Everyone told me their ways of making her walk, and believe me I tried all of them, but nothing worked. We kept encouraging her to walk, but she didn’t. We took her to gardens so that she sees  other children walking, but she did not. And then one fine day, she stood up on the floor and started walking like a pro. Yes!!! We were shocked and elated at the same time. And its been 3 days, she is only walking and no crawling.
So, all you beautiful mothers out here, whose child is a late walker, or has not walked or stood up yet, believe me there is NO WORD LIKE LATE WALKER. Every kid has their own pace of growth, and each one of them is different. Your kid will walk suddenly one day, and then you will miss this cute crawling phase.
So Enjoy!
With love,
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