First time mom

“Sona ji, apko ek bhot cute ladki hui hai”. Said one of male doctor at 9.45am on 05/05/2017. These words still feels afresh in my heart and soul like it happened just now. Such is a power of motherhood. We girls are blessed with a magical power of creating a whole new life from us. What can be more magical than this?

I hated being a girl all my life because of the restrictions it came with. In our society we still have all types of restrictions on girls as compared to boys.

But when I became a mom, being a girl was like a blessing for me. The first time I saw Mish wrapped in a dark green cloth, she was looking all around. Her tiny little hands and feet was the most beautiful thing I saw in my entire life. My operation was not yet complete so doctor just gave me a glimpse of her and took her away. All my stress and pain went away with her! I completely forgot about myself, forgot about that I am still being operated.



Frangipani India

My lil cutie adoring her dress fromΒ @frangipani.india.
This kurta payjama set is a perfect option for this season.
U know why?
😎 Pure cotton cloth used.
😎 Completely airy and very light in weight.
😎 A great option for summers.
😎 Cute rainbow prints all over.
😎 I love the breathable cloth it has.
And I loved it so much that Mish wore it as her birthday dress all throughout the day.
Head to their page now!!


Himalaya Baby care range

Himalaya Baby Lotion

For overall health and well-being, Himalaya has always been a trusted brand. When
Mish was born, there was a hype in the market about other brands catering to the skin
care needs of a baby. Being an ardent Himalaya consumer, as a mom, the first product
range I used for her wasΒ @himalaya.babycareΒ . I regularly use their Baby Lotion which helps keep Mish’s skin soft and supple.
Talking about the Himalaya Baby Lotion, here are some reasons why I love it:

🌟 Made of natural ingredients, full of Vitamin E

🌟 Safe and gentle on the skin

🌟 Free from parabens, sulfates, animal-derived ingredients, and artificial colors

🌟 Almond Oil and Olive Oil being the key ingredients, it helps in keeping the skin
healthy and leaves the skin moisturized

🌟 Keeps the skin hydrated for a good 24 hours

🌟 Prevents dry and itchy skin

🌟 The lotion is not a thick liquid, hence is easy to apply

🌟 Has a very mild fragrance which doesn’t irritate your baby

🌟 Affordable, given the quality and the packaging of the lotion.

Himalaya Baby Lotion is easily available in all offline and online stores
Are you a Himalaya Mom? Would love to hear your experience with the product!