First time mom

“Sona ji, apko ek bhot cute ladki hui hai”. Said one of male doctor at 9.45am on 05/05/2017. These words still feels afresh in my heart and soul like it happened just now. Such is a power of motherhood. We girls are blessed with a magical power of creating a whole new life from us. What can be more magical than this?

I hated being a girl all my life because of the restrictions it came with. In our society we still have all types of restrictions on girls as compared to boys.

But when I became a mom, being a girl was like a blessing for me. The first time I saw Mish wrapped in a dark green cloth, she was looking all around. Her tiny little hands and feet was the most beautiful thing I saw in my entire life. My operation was not yet complete so doctor just gave me a glimpse of her and took her away. All my stress and pain went away with her! I completely forgot about myself, forgot about that I am still being operated.


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