The festival of Rakhi is around the corner and what better excuse can you get to add the magic of
play to your home! The most special bond should be kept alive with nurture and play.
We have curated for you some of the best toys and games that you can gift your sister or brother
this Rakhi! Trust us, these are deals that you won’t want to miss! So, go ahead, buy that gift and
become the most popular sibling in your family.
PAW Patrol Toys
Shower your li’l sister with love from the most adorable pup squad! Shop for the most amazing Paw
Patrol gifts for your sis! There are so many options to choose from, figures, vehicles, playsets and
Order today and enjoy up to 15% discount on PAW Patrol toys!


Kindi Kids Dolls and Playsets

Marsha Mello, a little softy who’s as sweet as candy. She can’t wait to make a new #BFF. Gift this
cutest Kindi Kids doll to your sister and make this a Playful Rakhi
Grab now, and get a discount of up to 15%

Shop Now on https://www.amazon.in/b?node=21676521031

Gift a furry best friend to your sister and you will be her favourite brother forever!
They love to talk to you and to each other! They love to be pet and tickled. Hear them giggle and
purr all day!
Shop today and enjoy up to 15% off!


Disney Frozen 2 Whisper and Glow Collectible Figurines
Light up this Rakhi for your sister with the NEW Whisper and Glow collectible figurines from Disney
Frozen 2! Shop today on @amazondotin! Have a #PlayfulRakhi with your favourite characters and a
wide variety of the coolest toys!

Buy them here: https://www.amazon.in/l/21712826031

WinMagic Games
Why not make this a #PlayfulRakhi for your entire family? Gift a set of these coolest games to your
brother or sister and have hours of fun playing together!
Bring home the fun and enjoy up to 25% discount on the entire range of WinMagic Games.

An EGGciting hatching experience that your sister or brother won’t forget! Grab the coolest
interactive toy, Hatchimals WOW or go all out and collect over 50 Royal Snowball CollEGGtibles with
super cute accessories, both at huge discounts of up to 20%! Order Hatchimals today and enjoy
a #PlayfulRakhi with your new friends.

Shop Now on  https://www.amazon.in/l/21826320031/

Newly launched – Shopkins Lil’ Secrets – Mini Collectibles and Playsets
Gift your sister the key, to unlock a world of surprises with the all NEW Shopkins Lil’ Secrets mini
playsets! Collect all 6 Secret Shops and make it a #PlayfulRakhi for her!
Shop today on https://www.amazon.in/l/21820436031

Hairdorables – 36 dolls to collect
Give your sister a chance to hang out with #BFFs from the Hairdorables girl squad.
With 11 amazing surprises to peel and reveal, this has got to be the best Rakhi gift! Oh and the dolls
are available at a discount of up to 15%

Enjoy a #PlayfulRakhi with #Hairdorables
Grab them now on  https://www.flipkart.com/toys/~cs-mrkqwzubje/pr?sid=mgl&collection-tab-

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