Healthy moms makes happy homes

Healthy moms makes happy homes

If life gives you choices, choose a healthy life instead of an easy one.

Yes, the most laziest person on this planet is saying this to you. I have played the role of a sloth bear all my life.  And by this I mean i can sleep for 12 hours straight, can lie down using phone or laptop all day long, late to bed and late to rise. This used to be my schedule for the day.

I used to be little active before, performing daily routine chores was enough for me. I had minimum house help at home after marriage and used to do maximum house work on my own, which was like an achievement for me.

But after Mish was born, things changed drastically. Since I delivered through a C-Sec, I had a mindset of taking rest for the first few month. Doctor advised this too, but she also asked to be active and workout a little throughout the day (a brisk walk, walk with the stroller) at least. But I ignored the second part completely.

I had a house help and a cook just after Mish was born, so things got easy for me and I became more lazy. The only task I used to do whole day was to take care of Mish. No dbout I did all her things on my own from bathing, massaging, washing clothes, changing nappies and all. I never wanted any house help to raise my kid. ( I am not judging any mom here, I have a personal reason for this). My mom was a working mom and both me and my brother were raised my maids all our life and I know what I missed in my childhood, so I don’t want the same for Mish.

But things started to get worse each passing day. My body was becoming numb and hopeless. I used to have body pains all day long. Sometimes shoulder, neck, back, hands and most of the times worst foot ache. Changed many doctors, had infinite pills but the pain was still there. Had number of blood tests and ate all kinds of vitamin tabs, no change. Somehow I convinced myself and adapted my body to have these pains all the time. I became habitual of such pains.

We shifted to a new place and here came the turning point in my life. My husband poked me daily to join aerobics and power yoga classes which was just below our apartment. Waking up early was one big challenge for me. But I was determined this time to do something for myself. I joined that a month back, first few days were so tough for me as my body was completely not used for this and had full body pains. But as soon as a week passed my body get used to it and I was feeling more comfortable day by day.

And today after doing it for a month, I am writing this blog to share my experiences. Trust me girls, my body pains have reduced a lot, I can walk for a little longs now. T he only pain I am left with is foot ache and that too sometimes.

So my learning from this is Workout, Stay active to be healthy. I cant share my workout schedule with all of you because I am not a trained official for this. The least I can tell you is to workout what suits you best. Even if you can’t join gym or any classes, go out for a walk, run or simple warm up exercises.

Do Anything But Do Something.


With Love, 


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