Himalaya Baby care range

Himalaya Baby care range

Himalaya Baby Lotion

For overall health and well-being, Himalaya has always been a trusted brand. When
Mish was born, there was a hype in the market about other brands catering to the skin
care needs of a baby. Being an ardent Himalaya consumer, as a mom, the first product
range I used for her wasΒ @himalaya.babycareΒ . I regularly use their Baby Lotion which helps keep Mish’s skin soft and supple.
Talking about the Himalaya Baby Lotion, here are some reasons why I love it:

🌟 Made of natural ingredients, full of Vitamin E

🌟 Safe and gentle on the skin

🌟 Free from parabens, sulfates, animal-derived ingredients, and artificial colors

🌟 Almond Oil and Olive Oil being the key ingredients, it helps in keeping the skin
healthy and leaves the skin moisturized

🌟 Keeps the skin hydrated for a good 24 hours

🌟 Prevents dry and itchy skin

🌟 The lotion is not a thick liquid, hence is easy to apply

🌟 Has a very mild fragrance which doesn’t irritate your baby

🌟 Affordable, given the quality and the packaging of the lotion.

Himalaya Baby Lotion is easily available in all offline and online stores
Are you a Himalaya Mom? Would love to hear your experience with the product!

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