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Hey everyone,

My blogging journey started a year back when I was a full time mom to a baby girl. As soon as she turned one, she started becoming more independent and thereby needing me less. No more nappy changing 10 times a day, no more irregular sleep patterns and started communicating through simple words.

That was the time, I started getting more time for myself but had nothing to do. Leaving her alone and joining work was not my cup of tea. And living in a nuclear family, the option of a family help was also not there. So, I knew I had to choose something that makes me busy and also can be a full time mom.

Scrolling through my instagram feed, I pounced upon some blogging accounts and I knew this is what I was looking for. Writing was always my hobby so it was an easy choice too. 

Here in my blog you will find some honest reviews of products (which are used by us first) , my motherhood ups and downs and the cuteness of my lil munchkin.


Stay hooked,



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