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Mamaearth Body Mist

Kids grow up so fast, but they want to behave like us faster.
Isn’t it true.
They try to imitate us in every possible way and they want everything that we have. One such thing is Body deodorants that attract our kids, but we can’t give them because of harmful chemicals that can hurt their eyes and nose. .
But not to worry now!
. has the solution. Body mist from them is a kind of body deodorant made for babies above 6 months old. Sounds so great!!
Some key points of this mist are-
🐹 Totally alcohol and chemical free.
🐹 Made safe for babies. 🐹 Comes in 3 different variants. 🐹 Not a gas based spray. 🐹 Keeps babies fresh.
And now Mish happily imitates us, standing in front of mirror with her bottle of mist!
What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!
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