They understand only love

They understand only love

2.2 years of parenting but no scolding,hitting,frustrating on Mish.

Oh yes!

This is my #honestmomconfessions. Before being a mom, I was the most impatient human on planet earth.
But when I was pregnant, I had an image within myself of what kind of parent I will be, the first rule in my parent book was to never hit or scold my little one, be it anything.

And I am here today, abiding by this rule. Parenthood obviously was not at all easy for me like all of us here. It challenged me with new problems everyday. Since Mish was 35 days old, I did everything by myself. No house help too. I get frustrated 10 times a day but none was reciprocated to Mish. I suffered from serious body pains too, but that too remained within myself.

People around me always praise me for the same. I don’t know how I manage to do this till today when she has become naughty, jumping all over the house all the day but yes!

Moms if you get angry on your little ones it will just be a one way process. Only you will release your anger, but your kid is not in the phase of understanding the same. He/she will may be cry for a second or so and then continue with the same activity. Because they don’t understand this emotion till atleast 3 years of age. They are born with understanding of only 1 emotion and that is love.
Why not treat them with the same? Trust me this has worked for me till now. She is just like other kids naughty and doesn’t listen to me at times. She throws tantrums all the day specially at meal times. It takes me half an hour to complete her meal, but here again patience is the key.

Just like every other kid she is fussy,irritated and demanding at times. I handle her whole day all alone due to the busy nature of my husband’s job. Handling house chores and baby alone is a tough task and that surely makes me frustrated at times. But then I keep that within myself. Never has the day come, when I passed it on to my baby.

Hug them, kiss them and make them understand things politely. Talk to them in the language they understand LOVE.


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  1. This is awesome sona. Patience is one of the many things that’s motherhood teaches us. Though I admit that I lose my cool sometimes, but in cases when that happens, i make it a point to apologize to my kids. And i let them know why it happened and how I was feeling. And that it was wrong of me to take it out on them. I have never hit them though.

  2. Such a lovely post. Yes I too do get frustrated at times n I have two kids so sme times my frustration does come out on them. My daughter who is 5 now gets offended while my son who is nearly 3 is indifferent. I feel very bad immediately n apologies to them m try to curb my angry or irritation

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