Too much of news?

Too much of news?

Are you feeling depressed with all what’s happening around in the world?

Yes, We all know that people all around the world are loosing their lives, people not even getting treatment, cities in complete lockdown, economies all around the world has come to stand still, dead bodies are getting buried anywhere and everywhere without even last rites getting performed and what not. I admit its depressing to even imagine all this.

But admit it, its happening and we can’t do much about it.

We all are depressed, sad and worried about the coming future. For us, for our kids, for our parents and for our country.

But do you know the major factor which is driving all of us crazy?

News channels, print media and other news broadcasting channels. YES! I admit they keep us updated about everything that’s happening around, but not in a exaggerated manner. I agree that is their job to keep their channels running 24*7, but its our job to know Only what is required. Getting too much into it lead to so much of negativity.

How can you have a control over it?

  • Watch news channels only for fixed amount of time.
  • Tune in when they have headlines in 5 minutes show scheduled. (Oh yes, thats my favorite)
  • Read only heading of the news that may make you feel unhappy.
  • Tune into DD National channel if you love crisp,true and apt amount of news.
  • Download apps like Inshorts in your phone to stay updated all day long, That is the best app to know what is required.

This lockdown is already giving us new challenges to face everyday. From doing all house chores with no house helps, engaging kids all day long, dealing with kids studies and online classes to dealing with groceries requirements and what not. We already have so many challenges our way.

Avoid reading and watching too much of news.

Lets stay happy and positive.


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